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And that every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. (Philippians 2:11)


This account happened yesterday evening.

A new friend by the name of Rod (not his full name and who is based in Singapore) sent me a note in Facebook requesting me to pray for him since he will be having an interview tomorrow. I prayed for him. I asked the Lord to anoint Rod with peace and wisdom in his heart and to make His presence felt right where he was. I asked him if he felt anything. He told me that he felt ‘relaxed’ and this experience gave him goose bumps. He told me, the way he felt that time, is that his mind has been freed from any worries. I told him that God will speak to him right at that moment. He was getting more and more excited by this experience.

You see, I do not know Rod personally. I do not even know if he is active in the ministry or if he is on fire with Lord. But whenever I sensed something in the spiritual I boldly communicate it with the person on the other side of cyberspace with an expectation that Jesus will once again show up. I always hold on to His words when He said that when we call to Him, He will answer and show us great and mighty things that we do not know of. Sensing that the Holy Spirit will move in our midst, I asked Rod to close his eyes and then to ask God for anything. This is what he said (see photo below):


He saw a vision of an angel who went to person (male) and guided him. Hallelujah! The words of the Lord are true. He said in Joel and in Acts — when the Spirit of the Lord is poured out, sons and daughters will prophesy, young men will see visions, old men will dream dreams… The Holy Spirit who works in me is the same Holy Spirit that spoke to Rod and showed him a vision. I went on to tell him that the guy in the vision is him and that the Lord is assigning him an angel from that point on. At this point, it cannot be denied that he had an encounter with the Spirit of Lord. Jesus touched his heart — something that he will never forget.

I thought that was the end of it. He went on to say that he was ‘amused’ (or perhaps he was referring to being amazed and it was just a slip of the keyboard). He could not believe how this can be happening since it is ‘only in Facebook.’ I told him that God is alive and that He works beyond Facebook.


Jesus is Lord even over Facebook. All we have to do is to be convinced that the same resurrection power remains — spiritually, physically and even virtually. It has been more than 5 weeks now that I am seeing the power of God at work in people’s lives and people’s hearts here in FB — signs, wonders and miracles. It is all about JESUS and His goodness has given me the opportunity to take part in advancing His Kingdom to the ends of the earth! Yes, even in Facebook! 

Glory to the King!



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